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Things To Do

In Sedona


Enjoy the best hiking and exploring this world has to offer by coming to Sedona, Arizona. Endulge in luxury resorts as you explore red rock vortex hikes, mountain biking and out of this world helicopter tours. 

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Discovering Sedona’s playground is a wonder all its own!


Perhaps you would like to begin with an outdoors exploration on a bike or wandering the numerous hiking trails? Or maybe, you prefer to meditate or do yoga in the red rocks? The choice is yours. Mother Nature’s Beauty awaits you every step of the way.


Professionally guided tours will enhance your knowledge and appreciation of the area. You’ll discover little known facts and helpful tips. There are various countryside jeep tours that transport you up close and personal to discover Sedona flora and fauna, ancient ruins and red rock formations without having to navigate the trails yourself.


Want to see Sedona from the sky? No problem, because aerial and helicopter tours are waiting for you atop the Sedona airport just a few miles up the road.  Soar through the red rock wilderness and see the secret vistas that are visible only by air.


Drink in the scenery with a local wine tour at the many prolific vineyards in the Verde Valley. Many award-winning wineries are open for guided tours and wine tastings providing safe transportation…leaving you in good spirits.


How about a night sky tour of the heavens or constellations?  Or perhaps, hunting UFO’s with military grade night vision goggles is in your future? 


Dancing under the stars will keep your toes tapping to some of the finest musicians in Arizona. Discover Sedona’s various nightclubs, steakhouses and bars with live music and late night hours.


Everyone talks about the energy vortexes that are everywhere in Sedona. Those sensitive to the energy, bask in the good vibrations they can feel. Whether you decide to embark on a self-discovery journey or visit the many marked vortexes you are likely to feel a special connection to the red rocks.


Arizona has more National Parks and National Monuments than any other state and Sedona is centrally located by most of them!

Take the time to click through Sedona's Best Visitor's Guide book below to learn more about all the wonderful things Sedona has to offer.