Alliance of Arizona Nonprofits Offers Free Resource Guide: How to Start a Nonprofit

A new free resource guide from the Alliance of Arizona Nonprofits provides insight and questions to ask when considering the creation of a new nonprofit organization, including what other options may exist for an individual to contribute to their desired community impact. If creating a nonprofit is the option, the guide leads users through the process of starting a nonprofit in Arizona.

How to Start a Nonprofit is a 40-page interactive guide designed to provide information, direction and tools to examine and navigate the steps to start a nonprofit organization.

“With 21,000 nonprofits already operating in Arizona, we encourage individuals to thoughtfully consider what impact they desire to see in their communities and if starting a nonprofit is the right choice to further that mission,” said Alliance of Arizona Nonprofits CEO Kristen Merrifield. “Our mission at the Alliance is to unite, strengthen and advance the nonprofit sector in Arizona, and we believe that supporting nonprofit leaders from Day 1 is a great way to accomplish that.”

The How to Start a Nonprofit resource guide can be accessed at this link.

Among the topics in the guide are:

  • Before You Begin

  • How to Decide

  • How to Start a Nonprofit

  • How to Run a Nonprofit, and

  • Resources, Checklists and Worksheets

The guide also offers insight and information that includes What is a

Nonprofit and What is Involved in Running a Nonprofit.

Individuals and organizations that decide to move forward will also find compliance and good-practice steps to become operational.

How to Start a Nonprofit is sponsored by Vitalyst Health Foundation, Better Business Bureau, Ignite Connections & Coworking and Empower by GoDaddy in partnership with Ignite Connections & Corworking sparked by BBB with additional input, advice and resource sharing from Bruce Weber, Weber Group; Carolyn Sechler, Sechler 501 Consulting; David Martinez, Vitalyst Health Foundation; Kristina Morgan, Sechler Morgan CPAs; Laura LoBianco, Lewis Roca; Lisa Lumbard, Lumbard Consulting, LLC; and Robert Brown, Schmitt Schneck Casey Even & Williams, P.C.

For more information about the Alliance of Arizona Nonprofits, visit

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