...And You Dear Heart, Are That

By Amaya Gayle Gregory

Have you glimpsed the truth of you, or at least as much of the truth as a being in form can glimpse? Are you attempting to stabilize in that grace? Does knowing you aren't what you thought, cause a bit of a conundrum? Do you wonder, who acts? Are you confused about standing up, speaking out, when that would seemingly mean you stand against your own self? If God -- or sub any word you like -- is doing it all, is all, doesn't that mean it's all in hand, that you are relieved of duty?

Big questions, eh?

Let's start at the beginning.

God Is.

Only God Is.

We humans, even glimpsing this, tend to maintain the idea of God Is and I still am until it is literally ripped from our being. It's a tricky sticky one -- the idea of our existence, separate from the whole.

It feels like we are separate. The sensations and perceptions, thoughts and feelings seem to be ours alone, creating a body cut out of and suspended in time and space. It's what I call the 7th myth -- the big one upon which all the little myths stand, I am separate and alone.

When you truly understand that only God Is, questions like -- how can I act, how can I stand against myself in other forms, fall away.

Only God Is. This world is the way it is because expressions of God don't know they are all that Is. They believe they are separate and alone. Sensing this, they resonate in fear's many forms. Fear is the real devil born of this true fall from grace. Believing in their smallness they lay waste to the world, attempting to prove they are not small, conquering one another in their madness, and generally make a mess of things.

Only God Is. God is playing all the parts, some with deep understanding of herself, some with deep layers of veiling from that truth. Yes, God will come and save the day. God also creates the mess we see in front of us. Only God Is.

We are not powerless measly miscreants. We are all powerful, creating worlds upon end. We are everywhere, everything. We are intelligence itself rippling into form. Only God Is.

That doesn't mean that I am not, that the human doesn't count, that what I do means nothing, as so many seem to believe.

That means something wondrous beyond our mind's ability to conceive. It means I Am -- not some pie in the sky deity but this seemingly separate human, this human matters deeply, what I do means everything.

Yes, God is the solution ... and the problem when her eyes are veiled from the truth of who she is. Only God can save us or destroy us for only God Is.

...and you dear heart, are That.

There is no appropriate bio for Amaya Gayle. She doesn’t exist other than as an expression of Consciousness Itself. Talking about her in biographical terms is a disservice to the truth and to anyone who might be led to believe in such nonsense. None of us exist, not in the way we think. It’s actually much better than we can imagine. Ideas spring into words. Words flow onto paper and yet no one writes them. They simply appear fully formed. Looking at her you would swear this is a lie. She’s there after all, but honestly, she’s not … and she is. Love a paradox and life is nothing, if not paradoxical. Bios normally wax on about accomplishments and beliefs, happenings in time and space. She has never accomplished anything, has no beliefs and like you was never born and will never die. Engage with Amaya at your own risk.

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