Sedona Massage Garage : Your One-Stop Body Shop!

Rejuvenation and relaxation go hand-in-hand and one of the best places in Sedona for massage therapy, facials, skin care and body treatment is the Sedona Massage Garage,

one of Sedona's secret gems where the locals go for their regular "tune ups" to keep their bodies humming along like well-tuned racing cars.

Owned by local massage therapist Noria Bairamofski, LMT, LE, this boutique spa offer personal service unmatched anywhere in the Sedona spa circle.

Noria's hedlping hands intuitively know where the tight spots are and melt stress and tension away like no other. Her knowledge of skin care techniques is unmatched as well, garnering a loyal following of locals who know where to go when they need pampering, beautification and healing relaxation.

Noria is adept in many modalities and her loyal clients keep coming back for more.

"Over the years people have asked, 'what is your specialty' and at some point I realized my specialty wasn't a particular massage technique or modality but the ability to LISTEN to my client and give them the best service I can based on what they express their needs to be at that time," Noria said. "My touch can be flowing and as light as lymphatic massage to elbow-deep tissue massage and everything in between. I enjoy incorporating Thai/yoga type stretching in a lot of my sessions to help loosen, lengthen, relieve and RELAX muscle tension. When it comes to skin treatments, I consider a facial a massage with products to exfoliate, hydrate and anti-age for a renewed glow."

Whether your legs are screaming after a long hike through the red rocks, been shaken like a martini in a Sedona Jeep Tour, shredded the single tracks mountain biking Sedona’s legendary trails, checked off a bucket list item by hiking the Grand Canyon rim-to-rim or you just want to pamper yourself, the Sedona Massage Garage has the massage, facial, body scrub for you!

Sedona Massage Garage also offers the following services:

• Hot Stone

• Deep Tissue,

• Sports Lymph Drain,

• Swedish Massage,

• Thai Stretch

• Hot Towel & Aroma Therapy

• Anti-Aging Skin Care

• Hydrating

• Exfoliation

• Body Buff

• Foot Fix

• Hand Rescue

Prices Range From:

$89/1HR • $129/1 HR • $169/2 HR

Combo Packages Available. Local and loyal customer discounts provided.

Call or text 928-274-1270 to make an appointment or to learn more. Visit

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