Camp Verde Community Library Announces New Volunteer Program: Adopt-a-Plot

Camp Verde Community Library invites organizations, clubs, businesses, families, individuals, etc. looking for a community service project to participate in a new volunteer program at the library. Join volunteers from the library and volunteers from the University of AZ Yavapai County Extension Master Gardeners on Saturday, June 11 at 8:00a for a planting day to kick off the library’s new Adopt-a-Plot program.

The idea of the Adopt-a-Plot program is to offer distinct plots around the library building to organizations, clubs, individuals, families, etc. to plant, maintain, and beautify. Inspired by the Adopt-a-Highway program, Adopt-a-Plot encourages community engagement and collective ownership of the area around our Community Library. With the assistance and expertise of friends from the Master Gardeners, specific plots have been defined and lists of plants appropriate to each area are available.

Besides beautifying the library grounds, another goal of the Adopt-a-Plot program is to post signage identifying the plants for curious children and adults wanting to better understand what types of plants do well in the Verde Valley. The library has areas on the north side of the building that don’t get much sun at all and stay relatively moist, while some areas on the south side get very hot and dry. This creates wonderful learning opportunities to better understand and demonstrate a variety of landscaping plants.

Last summer library staff adopted the plot on the north side of the building in preparation for launching the Adopt-a-Plot program. Staff coordinated with Town Maintenance to prepare the area with weed cloth and irrigation and install the flower beds. Part of the goal of staff working the library plot was to get a feel for the amount of time and attention required to keep the area weeded, planted, and trimmed. Understandably, more time and attention were needed to keep the weeds under control during the summer rainy season, but even then, the time commitment was 2 to 4 hours per month for one individual. A group or club working together could reduce the time required for upkeep.

If you are interested in learning more about or participating in the library’s Adopt-a-Plot volunteer program, contact Nicole at (928) 554-8389 or email her at More details about the program can be found on the library’s website Volunteer page.

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