Do Sedona Vortexes Really Exist?

Today, Sedona is considered by some to be the vortex capital of the world.

The dictionary defines a vortex as a “whirling mass” similar to a sink full of water as it goes down the drain. It spins and swirls its way down, pulling whatever is in the sink with it. That is an actual vortex you can see.

However, the Sedona vortexes are made up of an unseen spiritual energy emanating from the earth.

There are four main locations in Sedona supposedly occupied by vortexes.

These are: Airport Mesa, Cathedral Rock, Bell Rock and Boynton Canyon.

There are also those who believe Sedona herself is one giant vortex drawing people from around the world to it.

People who have directly experienced the power of a vortex generally report similar experiences, ranging from goose pimples to a feeling of vibration in different parts of the body to full metaphysical experiences.

People say that in those moments of sharing energy with a vortex answers to their questions they have been seeking for years are finally received.

Some say they got glimpses of other dimensions and future events in their lives.

Some cry. Some laugh. Some are enveloped in complete calm and peace.

Then there are those who believe vortexes in Sedona are not tied to any specific geographical location. Some purport that they travel about Sedona like little spiritual dust devils. One might unconsciously walk into a spinning energy field anywhere in town and experience the energy.

One woman, who experienced such a vortex, explained her encounter like this:

I had been out on tours all day with my girlfriends. We had gone to some of the vortexes like Mesa Airport and Bell Rock.

Truthfully, I really didn’t feel anything at those places. I’ll admit I was a doubter before we even got there and I kind of teased my girlfriends who felt something, as being too gullible.

They had gone into this beautiful crystal shop on Sedona’s Main Street. I was tired and I decided to wait outside until they finished shopping.

I was sitting on the base of the shop’s sign when suddenly I felt this great tingle flash through my body and shivers rode up my arms, shoulders and back. I was alarmed but then I felt an encompassing sense of peace flow through me. I felt this joyful sense of gratitude to be there with my girlfriends and just being alive and healthy.

I felt this love for everything. The faces of my family members and friends flashed through my mind and with each face I saw I felt even more love.

I was in awe. I had never experienced anything like that in my entire life.

And then my awareness shifted back to me, sitting outside the store.

I don’t know what it was or why that happened to me but it was wonderful. I still resonate with those feelings. Who knows? I think I’m a believer now.

There are many more testimonies of people who experienced the healing and awakening power of the Sedona Vortex.

If you’re not sure about the validity of the vortexes, take a trip to Sedona and find out for yourself. You can choose from many guided vortex tours listed at or you can explore by yourself.

So? Do Sedona vortexes really exist?

The truth remains a mystery until you see for yourself.

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