Don’t Date the Boys From Clarkdale!

Sedona News, Clarkdale AZ

Clarkdale Historical Society and Museum invites everyone to a rollicking First Friday Presentation on Friday, February 4 at 10:00 am at the Clark Memorial Clubhouse gymnasium.

Jim Duncan, Steve Wombacher, Howard Swab, Johny Franquero and Cliff Ayres will entertain the crowd with their stories about growing up in the 50’s and 60’s in Clarkdale. Barbie Duncan will introduce the speakers and attempt to keep the event civilized. (Mrs. Duncan, nee Osborne, was one of seven Cottonwood sisters who ignored the adage against dating the boys from Clarkdale.)

This program is offered at no charge, though donations will be gratefully accepted. To research this era, visit the CHSM website at High School Yearbooks, phone books and personal histories are available, as is the 2021 Virtual Home Tour, for which there is a modest $20 fee.

Though the Clarkdale Historical Society and Museum is only accessible for online visitation at this time, members and volunteers are still being sought. CHSM is an all-volunteer nonprofit organization.

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