“How to Plan Your Sun, Moon and Milky Way Photos Ahead of Time”

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Star Colors by Rafael Pons

Rafael Pons will present at the meeting of the Sedona Camera Club starting at 6 p.m. on Monday, February 28, 2022, at the Sedona Creative Life Center, 333 Schnebly Hill Road, Sedona. Doors open at 5:30.

Due to Covid-19 concerns about safety practices for indoor events, attendees will be required to wear masks. The Sedona Creative Life Center allows for social distancing and the club will not serve refreshments to further mitigate risk. Additionally, the club requests attendees to be fully vaccinated.

Rafael Pons
Rafael Pons

Join Rafael Pons (“The Bard” of the PhotoPills Team) in this intensive 1-hour PhotoPills training. After this training, attendees will be able to plan any Sun, Moon and Milky Way photo they imagine.

With more than 600,000 downloads worldwide, the PhotoPills app has become the “Swiss Army Knife” for photographers. It includes everything photographers need: from sources of inspiration (PhotoPills Awards) and learning (photo guides and videos) to multiple tools to help them plan photo ideas (planner, augmented reality, exposure, depth of field, and more). To start planning your photos with PhotoPills visit photopills.com

Surprisingly enough, PhotoPills co-founder Rafael Pons claims not to be a photographer. However, he travels the world teaching photographers how to use PhotoPills to help them imagine, plan and shoot legendary photos.

The Night Sky Watcher by Rafael Pons

Trained as a civil engineer, he used to work in the town planning department in the City Hall of Ciutadella, in Menorca, Spain. Rafael was a public servant, but had a strong will to create a business that could be run from a little island lost in the Mediterranean sea, and help people all around the world.

The PhotoPills adventure began in 2009. Germán Marqués, Rafael’s friend (now “The Developer” at PhotoPills), bought a Nikon D90 to take better travel pictures. He approached Pons with lots of questions related to the photos he wanted, including the best time to take the picture, the settings to use, etc.

Rafael, who likes the creative side of photography, started a long journey to help his friend. In the end, he created an app to help photographers take the photos they dream about. A tool to help people answer all the questions that need to be answered to get the photo. A tool to help people imagine a photo, plan it, and take it.

Rafael and German spent 3 years developing the first iOS version, launched in 2013. Four years later they launched the Android version. Since 2016, Pons and Marques both work full time on PhotoPills. They keep growing the team to keep creating tools to help photographers have fun while capturing all those legendary moments Nature serves every day.

Says Pons: ”Love what you do and it'll show in the things you create.” He considers himself a brainstormer, copywriter and strategist. “When I am not cooking-up cool app ideas, I am cooking-up ways to craftily get the app into your hands.”

Presentations, hosted by the Sedona Camera Club, are free to members. There is a $5 fee for guests. Local photographers are encouraged to join to support bringing high-quality speakers to promote interest in photography and develop photographic skills. Membership costs $35 for the whole year. For more information on the Sedona Camera Club, go to sedonacamera.club.

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