How To Spend A Day In Sedona : Sedona Things To Do 

Imagine yourself waking up to a beautiful Sedona morning with picture-perfect weather outside. You open the drapes to your hotel room and the glorious vision of a Sedona Red Rock formation comes pouring in through the window. No doubt it’s going to be a wonderful day and you wonder what are the best Sedona things to do? During a complimentary breakfast in your hotel you enjoy your meal while flipping through your Sedona visitor's guide and you decide to kick off your first day in Sedona with a unique adventure. You step outside into the sunlight and are picked up right at the entrance by a van. You are whisked away to the Sedona Airport Mesa, where a helicopter is ready to take you and your companions on a magic carpet ride through the Sedona skies.

Up, up and away you are suddenly floating into the air. The helicopter majestically flies over some of the most beautiful rock formations you have ever seen. It’s one thing to explore Sedona from the ground yet another seeing Sedona from above with a bird’s eye view. You are transported into a magical land, where Sedona’s hidden secrets are revealed and can only be seen by air. You feel exhilarated as you sail above the dips and valleys punctuating Sedona’s pristine skies. You video the incredible sights of Sedona’s backcountry and post it on social media so you can share this memorable moment with your friends. Once back on land you continue your adventure by  strolling through Sedona’s famous shopping corridor affectionally called "Uptown" by the locals.

A plethora of fun stores selling gifts, turquoise jewelry, Sedona-themed knick-knacks and crystal shops await you. Unique cowboy and Indian paraphernalia bring you back to the Old West. Restaurants and sidewalk cafes tempt your palate as you wander through the main street of Sedona. You pick up some fudge, a T-shirt and a vortex crystal. Now you’re ready to nosedive into Sedona’s famous vortexes via a jeep tour.

  Seeing Sedona from the ground is a highlight for those who come to visit. Hop into your jeep and the tour guide takes you into Sedona’s back country where you get to see Sedona’s flora and fauna up-close-and-personal as the expert tour guides fills you in on Sedona’s geology and history.

Perhaps you prefer to go on a hike with friends or by yourself or with a professional guide. You pick your own trail and choose the complexity and distance of your hike and envelop yourself in the backcountry beauty of Sedona, for as long as you wish. Back at your hotel you freshen up, leaf through your Sedona's Best Visitor's Guide and pick a restaurant with entertainment to cap your day off. Indoor dining, patio dining with great views, you have many choices.  It’s time to go. Your van picks you up. You find a great table with fantastic views and relax into the moment. You sip your favorite drink and enjoy a great meal while being serenaded by talented musicians who know how to entertain.

At the end of your fabulous meal you step outside and are picked up by a complimentary van that takes you safe and sound back to your hotel. Happy, tired from so much fun, you snuggle into your pillow and rest up for another day of Sedona things to do when you awaken. -30-

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