Karen's Bake Shop Opens With Mouth Watering & Healthy Baked Goodies

For those of you who love delicious baked goods that not only taste great but are healthy as well, you are in for a great treat.

Karen's Bakeshop opened on Sept. 21st in West Sedona and is now offering Gluten/Dairy/Processed Sugar Free cookies, donuts, brownies, cupcakes, breads, mixes, chocolates and more, including vegan and Paleo products for those who love the sweets but cannot handle unhealthy ingredients!

For those who suffer from bloating, digestive issues, insomnia, joint pain or other issues because they react to processed sugars and other unhealthy additives, eating gluten/dairy free without processed ingredients will help them feel lighter and healthier and allow them to enjoy the sweetness they desire.

For owner Karen Russell, providing healthy baked treats that are healthy and taste good, is a


"If you are tired of settling for eating gluten free products that don't taste great and are full

Karen Russell

of unhealthy ingredients, I created bread, cookies, and other baked goods that taste so good and the ingredients are healthy," she said. "You feel good too! No big blood sugar spikes either with the lower glycemic sweeteners I use."

She started baking healthy 15 yrs. ago because she had problems with insomnia and fibromyalgia. Using healthy products helped her.

She baked out of her home, supplying stores for 7yrs before deciding to go out on her own.

She said that what makes her products special is that they are all created with high quality ingredients and "lot's of love."

"People feel great after eating my products because of the high-quality, healthy ingredients," she said. "Drinks like coffee, tea, matcha, hot cocoa and locally made kombucha are all to be found here as well."

Karen's Bake Shop also features live music entertainment by local musicians , inside and outside dining and curbside pickup service.

Karen also provides an opportunity for local entrepreneurs to bake their own products in her

Sedona healthy kitchen, a commissary kitchen for 25 an hour when available.

You can learn more about Karen's Bakery Shop by visiting karensgluttenfree.com or calling 928-862-497 for orders.

Karens' Bake Shop is located at2081 West S.R. 89A, Suite #6, Sedona AZ 86336.

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