Kellenberger + Tollefson Center for LGBTQ Philanthropy grant cycle to open March 21, 2022

Kellenberger + Tollefson Center for LGBTQ Philanthropy at the Arizona Community Foundation

Organizations serving LGBTQ residents in communities across Arizona are invited to apply for grant funding through the Kellenberger + Tollefson Center for LGBTQ Philanthropy at the Arizona Community Foundation. The grant application will be available online at beginning on Monday, March 21 at 9:00 a.m. with final applications due no later than Monday, April 18 at 4:00 p.m.

Through a competitive grant cycle, the Kellenberger + Tollefson Center will award funding to nonprofits, schools, municipalities, government agencies, tribal entities, houses of worship (for non-sectarian programs), and other organizations operating with a charitable purpose or with a nonprofit fiscal agent.

Organizations with broad missions are encouraged to submit applications for programs and projects serving LGBTQ people. The Kellenberger + Tollefson Center is not accepting applications for organizational LGBTQ cultural competency training at this time, as it will support relevant training (offered free of charge to participants) later in 2022.

The Kellenberger + Tollefson Center responds to statewide needs through three program focus areas:

  • Youth: Foster an environment where every child can achieve happiness and live to their full potential

  • Aging/Seniors: Ensure seniors can live free from discrimination and can age with dignity

  • Transgender People: Improve the well-being of transgender communities

The Kellenberger + Tollefson Center at ACF contributes to an Arizona and society that advances justice and opportunity for LGBTQ people and the communities where they live. For more information on the Kellenberger + Tollefson Center, visit

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