Local Artist Paints Pet & Animal Portraits

For those who love their pets and animals there is nothing more beautiful than a hand-painted portrait of their beloved friend.

There is one such artist in Sedona who specializes in immortalizing pets & animals on canvass, capturing the essence of their souls and personalities forever.

Intuitive Visionary Artist Elizabeth Silk truly understands the deeper meanings of spirituality and existence and it shows through in her beautiful works of art.

A touch of emotion and the spirit of love flow through all of Elizabeth Silk’s art, communicating unspoken, soul-felt words.

Elizabeth’s passion to reach and touch the soul is apparent in the intensity that is reflected in the eyes of her spirits and animals.

The eyes are the windows to the soul. Love, compassion, pride, despair, anger, fear, introspection, understanding, intimacy, passion and freedom — all are explored in Elizabeth’s creations.

Careful attention is paid to evoke a unique response from every individual that casts eyes on her work. The complexity of human and animal emotion relays a feeling of fulfillment.

In her own words, “Love is the basic ingredient; do all things with love and your creation will be of the purest form. There is a magnificent feeling of fulfillment when seemingly from nothing appears onto canvas an image from the soul.”

As an intuitive visionary artist the scope of her creativity and art expands over many fields including Energetic healing, Native Ceremonial Smudging, Balancing and readings.

For an appointment or consultation Elizabeth can be reached at silkinc7@gmail.com or call 928-202-0405.

View her beautiful works at www.elizabethsilk.com

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