Memorial Day DUI Enforcement

Over the Memorial Day weekend May 27-May 30, 2022, a team of 5 Yavapai County Sheriff’s Office Deputies performed a special DUI Enforcement detail. Over the 3-day period Deputies conducted 30 traffic stops resulting in: 2 sober Designated Driver’s Contacted (We love seeing these!), 2 Drug Recognition Evaluations conducted by certified DRE (Drug recognition expert), 2 misdemeanor DUI Drug Arrests, 1 Seatbelt Citation, 1 Criminal Speed citation (20mph over posted speed limit or 85mph), 7 Civil Speed citations, and 5 additional civil citations not involving speed.

Specific operations like this made possible using Enforcement Grants provided by Governor’s Office of Highway Safety. YCSO Sgt. Lewis reiterates “Please remember to slow down and buckle up!”

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