New Moon, New Beginnings : A Breathwork Experience at Sedona Creative Life Center

Join the new trustees of the Creative Life Center in its kickoff collaborative event: New Moon, New Beginnings: A Transformative Breathwork Experience on Thursday, August 29th at the Sedona Creative Life Center. The breathwork session will be guided by Sedona-based acclaimed and transformative breathwork practitioner, Gwen Payne - who has guided people through the technique that promises to help its enthusiasts stay consciously connected to, and embody, their essential truth throughout the often chaotic day to day life.

The New Beginnings evening offers a short introduction to the new trustees as they make their own new beginning as custodians of this special land, as well as the opportunity for them to share their hearts.

Following the introduction Sonya Belisle, trustee of the Center, will lead a ceremony of movement to guide guests inward and ready for breathwork, “New moon ceremonies are an opportunity for people to come together and support each other, to integrate what we’ve learned in the past so that we can open ourselves to start a new.” Once the opening movement and mind/body connection has been established the breathwork session will begin, which consists of a special guided breathing meditation. “This experience,” according to the breathwork practitioner, Gwen, “can be extremely transformative and powerful. You may experience strong physical sensations, intense emotions, waves of pleasure and sometimes colorful visions.

The practice works to infuse the body with life force energy, often healing old traumas and even changing ways of thinking. During both breathwork & movement, we share a sacred space together and have an opportunity to breath our prayers into life; magnifying our intentions and letting go of what doesn’t serve us. I believe this evening will be an amazing way to personally bring transformative and positive energy into a space that has been held so dear by so many in Sedona... and beyond.”

We invite the Sedona community to come together, hold hands, bravely exhale the past, and intentionally inhale the energy that will create the future that our hearts desire during the New Moon, New Beginning event on Thursday August 29th in the main room of the Sedona Creative Life Center.

If you’d like to purchase tickets you can do so at

Price: $35 advance, $45 at door.

For more information about Gwen Payne visit her website at:

NOTE: We will provide loaner mats. Please dress comfortably. We are limiting

space to ensure a maximal experience for all that attend.

Thursday, August 29, 2019 7:00pm until 9:00pm

Sedona Creative Life Center

333 Schnebly Hill Road, Sedona

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