Sedona Fire District 2021 Annual Awards

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The Sedona Fire District, on an annual basis, recognizes its members, outstanding citizens, and community organizations for service-related and performance-related excellence. We are pleased to recognize and acknowledge the following members of the Sedona Fire District and our community for their excellent service and performance:

  • Firefighter/Engineer of the Year – Engineer Jonathan Scaife

  • Officer of the Year – Captain Todd Miranda

  • Administrative/Support Employee of the Year – GIS Specialist Emily Garding

  • Customer Service Award – Mechanic Mike Sheehan

  • Community Service Award – Firefighter Mark Feeney

  • Outstanding Citizen/Community Organization – National Guard Helicopter Crew – Blackhawk Rescue in whiteout conditions

  • Sedona Verde Valley Honor Guard – Professionalism in representing the fire service Unit Citation Award –

  • A-3 crew – Beaverhead Flats gunshot wound response. Captain Arwine, Engineer Ryan Fischer, Firefighter’s Frye, Moore, Essary, Tavrytzky

  • C-3 crew – Ambulance labor and delivery. Captain Lewis, Engineer Mike Pace, Firefighter’s Cave, Alessi, Butler

Please join the Sedona Fire District in congratulating these outstanding employees and citizens. It is an honor to have such dedicated and committed people serving the Sedona Fire District and our community.

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