Sedona Helicopter Rides Rock

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One of the best things to do in Sedona as far as Sedona tours are concerned, are helicopter rides.

It's just so awesome taking off from the Airport Mesa and flying off into the wild-blue yonder in a cool helicopter.

It gets the adrenaline going when your copter revs up and takes off, slowly, then quicker as you get higher and higher.

It's like being in the sky up close and personal, in contrast to flying in an airplane where all you have to see the panorama through is a tiny little window.

It's not just the thrill of flying free and being able to see everything for miles and miles. The view is stunning! You get the full impact of the beauty of Sedona without having to trek through the mountains or back trails. Not to say that's not fun as well..

You're up there. Oh yeah. Really. If you have never hang-glided, sky dived or ridden in a helicopter before, this would be your thrill of a lifetime.

It's wonderful ride. Everyone that takes one says so. It's like the top thing to do in Sedona as, far as adventures go.

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Safe, reliable, friendly and professional, Guidance Air will create for you a memory you will forever cherish.

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