Sedona International City of Peace Offers Free Meditations

Sedona News: ​As an International City of Peace, modern-day Sedonans are now challenged with deepening that legacy of peace–both inner and outer–to make it relevant, purposeful and beneficial for all who live and work here, and for the millions who visit every year.

Most people who live in Sedona came here by choice–to live surrounded by breathtaking natural wilderness, for abundant hiking and biking on hundreds of miles of trails, and for its exceptional arts, culture and healing of body, mind and spirit. A strong philanthropic spirit exists here as well as a desire to engage in compassionate causes for both local and the global communities.

The Sedona International City of Peace organization is hosting Meditation Monday (Every 3rd Monday), which brings together individuals to experience different meditation practices as a community, rather than as an individual, to positively improve physical and mental wellness in our community for Peace.

On Monday, December 20, there will be 5 different Meditation events through the day, at different times and locations - Co-Hosted by Sedona International City of Peace.

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