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Throughout Life There Are The Silly and the Troublemakers

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... what an incredible day it was ..;. on the lake before 6AM and a full morning of shooting wildlife before getting off the lake around 9:30AM ... it was getting very warm, but then again, it is Phoenix in the summer. Home, errands to run in Sedona, a bowl of chili at Mesa Grill, fifty bucks worth of Haagen Daz ice cream at Clark's on the way home and a quiet evening.

One and I spent much time on the deck enjoying the cooling breeze after the sun went behind House Mountain and got to witness a troublemaker in action. In the first shot we see our troublemaker arriving on scene with a mischievous look on his face as he approached a fellow bunny who was enjoying a nice dinner of greens ... cannot share the abundance and our troublemaker launches an attack on peaceful bunny, peaceful bunny decides to avoid the attack and leaps into the air before landing and attempting flee the scene. This was replayed over and over for several minutes before peace was restored and they both enjoyed the abundance of food.

Into the weekend for me ... enjoy your days here ... what a gift it is to wake n the morning and have another chance to create a beautiful day for ourselves ... Smile!



O World of green and shafts of golden

sun; of nightly silent silver moonlight;

and the strange song of gentle winds!

O Time of dreams, and trysts, and

olden memories come to life! Sweet summer,

may I sing as thou, for every leaf

of thine is pregnant with music in the soft

winds, and every rose inspires the

tenderness of song.

excerpt from Summer by Max Ehrmann

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