Today’s Photo from Ted Grussing Photography: 2014 Was The Summer of Smoke

...on my flight back from Falcon Field on May 20th 2014 I saw the initial smoke columns rising from Oak Creek Canyon from what was named the Slide Fire and I documented the fire nearly every day that it was burning and a number of photo journalists up to get photos on several occasion. It was a nasty fire and the USFS did an amazing job on it. On numerous occasions during the fire, Sedona and environs had all but disappeared in the smoke.

This was the beginning to a summer that saw Sedona, the plateau and surrounding areas buried in smoke as the USFS conducted prescribed and managed fires that lasted into October. This was definitely not a place to be with as many as five fires going at the same time.

The photo below is of one of the fires ... Long Canyon is in the foreground and then the ridge separating it from Oak Creek Canyon showing the scars from the Slide Fire and on the eastern side of Oak Creek Canyon multiple fires that had been set by the USFS. In the distance smoke coming in from the Payson area ... Camp Verde was absolutely buried in smoke that morning and Sedona not so good either.

I get reminders from MS One Drive as to photos I took on this day in the past and it brought back memories of 2014 with photos from the Slide Fire.

Early to the Lake and time to wrap this so I can get at least three hours of rest before the day starts again. have a beautiful day, smile and keep breathing.


Whatever else you do or forebear,

impose upon yourself the task of happiness;

and now and then abandon yourself

to the joy of laughter.

excerpt from whatever else You Do by Max Ehrmann

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