Today’s Photo from Ted Grussing Photography: After The Activities of The Day, The Quiet Hours

... those are the magical moments of the day ... daylight is fading and the terminator line is fast approaching bringing dark and the time for rest before we start the day over again. I took this shot late in the day as last light was illuminating the San Francisco Peaks ... to the right of the peaks is Mt. Elden and the little whitish line below the right side of Elden is the runway for the Flagstaff Airport. West Fork is the canyon running across the image about a quarter of the way up from the bottom. Back to Sedona and a brightly lit runway ... home and reliving the beautiful quiet hours I had just lived.

I got the photo of the two Cormorants taking off from Lake Pleasant last Friday and heading back down there early tomorrow morning to see what else we can get. The migration back north has begun as we saw lots of birds ... The perfect shot is waiting to be taken ... something that we seek, but will never get, so we keep trying.

Thank you for your kind words about Finley ... he will continue to bring a smile to those who knew him and those who have read about him. and know him through these emails. Our gratitude for your support. When we allow ourselves to become attached to creatures that have shorter lifespans than our own, we are going to experience loss when they leave, but they have enriched our lives while here and we carry it forward and knowing that there are many creatures in need of a good home we do it again and again and it is good!

Have a beautiful day today ... smile and make someone's day a little better because you are here ... it is within your power to do it.



To-morrow, O to-morrow!

Fast fall the fading years. A thought, a dream

Of gentle words; of faith and love a theme;

A smile, a step or two, and all is done.

Quick is the veering stream of life full run;

Yet in the crimson west still gleam

To-morrow and to-morrow's endless dream.

excerpt from To-morrow by Max Ehrmann


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