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... and what better way to help close a wonderful year out than to remember the critters we turn to for friendship and comfort ... whatever else happens during the day, when you come home there are those delightful creatures we call pets who brighten our day and immediately we forget about the problems we were facing just hours or minutes before.

The upper image is of a couple of Fran's golden retriever puppies from years ago. Fran raised golden's, had them trained and then gave them to autistic kids and others who needed service dogs. I had the privilege to photograph many of her litters and Corky loved holding them on her lap as they tumbled off into dreamland.

The lower photo is one I took in June of this year ... I had been cutting gemstones, and took a break to work on some photos and when I looked over my shoulder I saw One had made herself very comfortable on a tray of opal and other gemstones I had cut ... a very expensive bed, but she deserves it ... she is the resident feline goddess in the house and permits me to retain residence here.

Sedona News, photography, Ted Grussing

I love shooting cats and dogs and have done a lot of portraits of them for friends ... they have an innocence and beauty about them ... then their are their non domesticated cousins and I love them too. It has not been unusual where I have been able to sit mere feet from them and have a conversation ... bobcats, not their larger cousins. Then there are friends who walk their dogs by my home, sometimes daily. Kaylee is a beautiful collie that I have shot a few times and then there is Millie and the friendly face of Chloe and sometimes a stranger will come by.

Seen in captivity there are some big cats like this cougar or Siberian tiger and in the wild always a friendly face to greet you.

I'm never quite sure where I will find One as she gets bored when I leave home and head down to the lake. So many more and all contribute to our lives if we let them.

Have a beautiful day ... lives matter regardless of species ... incorporate them into your world and enrich your own life.



To you, my boy, the only world I know.

Remember this: whichever course you choose,

You'll sometimes turn about and walk awhile

The other way, for none of human kind

Is all of good or all of evil made.

excerpt from Breaking Home Ties by Max Ehrmann


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