Today’s Photo from Ted Grussing Photography: Exploring Earth

... exploration of the planet we live on expands our appreciation for all that this wonderful world has to offer. When I was a kid, I was introduced to the beauty of the outdoors, nature and airplanes; growing up on Diamond Lake in Minneapolis provided us with endless opportunities to spend time in nature with wildlife ... and there was the slough a block away that provided us with a place to build forts and tree houses. We lived under the approach to Wold Chamberlain Airport (MSP) and were continually fascinated by all the airplanes that flew over us. We even joined the war effort while uncles and other family members were actually in the real fight, we set up bunkers and wood machine guns (sticks) and shot down enemy planes flying overhead (not a single plane was damaged.)

The photo above was taken as I was coming around Rees Peak, one of the San Francisco Peaks and crossing the north side at an altitude of 10,115". The first ridgeline on the left leads up to Aubineau Peak (11,783'} and just to the right of it is Humphreys Peak (12,633'). Beyond the peaks and appearing near the base of the mountain and covered in snow is Kendrick Peak (10,425') and other unnamed volcanic cones are scattered in the field of view ... these were all here and looking like this when I was exploring Diamond Lake and when our nation was founded and long before then.

I took the shot below a few years ago when I was visiting the Upper Eau Clair Lake in northern Wisconsin ... three Merganser hens were perched on a fallen birch log along the shoreline. Many summers spent up there and I'm overdue to visit there again.

Have a beautiful day ... explore all that life has to offer and always be amazed by the beauty before you. We get one trip through here, so we might as well enjoy it ... it is the gift given to us at birth.

Keep breathing and smile!



Work as if thy task were made for thee;

Be strong as if thou hadst courage,

And charitable as if thou had been rewarded;

Remain poor if riches are dishonorable,

And carry poverty with the dignity of virtue.

excerpt from The Greater Heroism by Max Ehrmann

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