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... a small sample of the life that is lived daily at Lake Pleasant and for that matter, near water throughout Arizona and the rest of the world. While some of us engage in acts of silliness and lose our minds to those useful, but wasteful digital things we call smart phones, life goes on all around us and it is not dependent on the latest email, sms message or twitter post ... life is lived in the real world where it counts!

We were on the water by 6AM this morning and almost immediately we were engaged with wildlife and it continued for hours. The shot above is one of my favorites as a Great Egret takes a giant stride, wing assisted, from one limb to another. Next below is one of those amazing White Pelicans perched on a log in the lake and looking for a meal ... then a Snowy Egret catching one of many small bait fish he caught while we were with him ... finally a small flock of Rudy Ducks as they rose from the water and entered flight. Many other critters checked us out too and it was a delight being down there.

Cheers ... into the weekend for me and lots of projects to be started and finished. The plan is to be back Monday morning.

We celebrate Memorial Day on Monday ... while you are having fun and smiling, take a moment and remember those who died in service of our country ... we are in their debt!


Sleep quietly now that

the gates of the day are

closed. Leave tomorrow's

problems for tomorrow.

The earth is peaceful.

Only the stars are abroad;

and they will not

cause you any trouble.

Sleep by Max Ehrmann

### The easiest way to reach Mr. Grussing is by email: In addition to sales of photographs already taken Ted does special shoots for patrons on request and also does air-to-air photography for those who want photographs of their airplanes in flight. All special photographic sessions are billed on an hourly basis. Ted also does one-on-one workshops for those interested in learning the techniques he uses. By special arrangement Ted will do one-on-one aerial photography workshops which will include actual photo sessions in the air. More about Ted Grussing …

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