Today’s Photo from Ted Grussing Photography: Love You Mom

... it always a joy to see young donkey foals romp around and then a quick return to mom for a snuggle and I love you, before heading out for some more playful activities. Donkeys have a life span of between 40 and 50 years, have excellent memories and domesticated donkeys have been used in agriculture for thousands of years. There are hundreds of wild donkeys in the Lake Pleasant area and we frequently see them from the lake as we cruise the shores. Typically we cover 25 + miles of shoreline when we go down there and as a result we see a wide variety of creatures and are able to get very close to them without spooking them.

I have had numerous requests for a photo of One again, so here is a portrait shot of the absolute ruler of 40 Vaquero Circle. She is always on alert and in this photo she has spotted something that I have not ... another predator?

A day of processing new images for the show next week ... a repeat tomorrow and the day after. Short visit with friends, immersion in the nightmare traffic that is Sedona and picked up a pulled pork sandwich from Colt Grill on the way home. A most excellent day ... still here, still breathing and still enjoying life.

Have a beautiful day and weekend ... back Monday morning if all goes well. Smile and fill your days with joy.


Love some one---in God's name love some one---for this is the bread of the inner life, without which a part of you will starve and die; and though you feel you must be stern, even hard, in your life of affairs, make for yourself at least a little corner, or somewhere in the great world, where you may unbosom and be kind.

Love Some One by Max Ehrmann

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