Today’s Photo from Ted Grussing Photography: On My Walk This Evening, I Met The Flirtatious One

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... on my walk this evening I met a flirtatious young lady and I think she kinda gave me that look ... or maybe it was a look that said "you are out of your league" ... probably the latter. I would have given her a flower, but I didn't see this flower until after our encounter. It was a beautiful little bloom all by itself along the side of the road.

It was a terrific weekend with attendance at the Verde Valley Birding and Nature Festival, the presentation went well even though we had some technical issues. Visits with friends and work on photos and jewelry and now into another week full of promise and days that will be delightful to live ... always our choice on how we perceive each event and day.

Have a beautiful day and week ... smile and keep breathing :-)



Though changed as are my songs from youth,

A voice within my heart still sings,

"Live though in tenderness and truth,

And love mankind instead of things."

And often in the crowded mart,

With wrangling, selfish slaves of men,

These words like some old song will start,

And bring me to myself again.

Often In The Crowded Mart by Max Ehrmann

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