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... closing out another day on the deck and enjoying feeling the temperatures plummet after the sun goes down behind House Mountain, strong breezes have a cooling effect and One and I enjoy an hour or so on the deck during the transition from day to night. A time to reflect on the day, remember pleasant moments, visit with friends walking by and always looking for wildlife with or without wings. Not so much out tonight, but I took this bunny's portrait as he was dining on the beautiful green grass that the golf course provides him ... and One salivating over the delicious meal of rabbit that she might have.

I think there are few creatures that I have not shot from the deck and many including bobcats that have spent time on the deck with us including the original "Lo" a very large bobcat that would come up and take a long nap with Corky, myself and Nimbus (our then black cat) on the deck too. Fond memories relived and expanded nightly.

Busy and fun week coming up and hope yours is too. Share a smile with those you meet and greet and enjoy the gift of life you receive anew each day. Keep breathing.



So each one to his wish, and as for me,

I sit to-night and wait

In slumb'rous moonlight late,

To feel the freedom of the world in me

Like waves of a shoreless sea.

excerpt from I Sit And Wait by Max Ehrmann

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