Today’s Photo from Ted Grussing Photography: The Majesty of Flight

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... after spending most of the day working on photos that I either took from the air or of birds in flight it seems that whatever way you look at it, anything that flies is beautiful and photos of them show the majesty of flight. I got a call early this morning requesting that I give a presentation to the Sedona Camera Club this evening as the planned speaker had just had close contact with someone infected with Covid ... it was a fabulous day putting a program together and then presenting it tonight! Fun!

I never tire of photographing the antics of seagulls as they perform acrobatics to be the first to pick up food that we toss into the water for them ... the awesome sight of a White Pelican barreling down a watery runway as he too enters flight. Beauty is all around us, just spend a few minutes when you are outside and explore all that surrounds you ... a lot of natural beauty.

Time to shut the day down ... a few hours and the day will begin again. Smile and enjoy your time here ... share your joy and be kind.


Whoe're thou art that entereth here,

Forget the struggling world

And every trembling fear.

Take from they heart each evil thought,

And all that selfishness

Within thy life has wrought.

For once inside this place thou'lt find

No barter, servants fear,

Nor master's voice unkind.

Here all are kin of God above---

Thou, too, dear heart; and here

The rule of life is love.

Who Entereth Here by Max Ehrmann

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