Today’s Photo from Ted Grussing Photography: The Tiny World

... daily we walk trails, paths and streets and seldom give any notice to the tiny worlds that we pass by. Is there beauty around us? You bet, it is everywhere if you look for it ... and the tiny little plants, flowers and bushes are the easiest of all to walk by because they do not have the striking appearance of say a large rose or other bloom.

I went out early this morning to shoot some wildflowers down at Red Rock Crossing ... we hiked the same trail as a couple of years ago after I sold my motorglider, but this year there were more blooms to choose from including a few small bushes of Feathered Dalea or Dalea Formosa ... a very small plant with even smaller flowers ... very easy to just walk on by as many who were on the trail did. We were scrunched up close to the bushes and totally lost in another world of absolute wonder ... I'm sure that those who walked by wondered what was wrong with us, or perhaps they knew because they had stopped for a closer look before.

It is easy to get lost in and be enchanted when you enter this realm.

I took the photo below of my friend shooting the same blooms as me on our way back to the trailhead ... it gives you a clear perspective of the size of the blooms and our proximity to the blooms. Next time you are hiking and you see someone hunched over a tiny bush or flower, consider stopping for a few minutes yourself.

Early letter tonight as we're leaving for Lake Pleasant very early in the morning ... I'll be getting one more email out tomorrow night as I took some photos this evening I want to share before the weekend.

Have a beautiful day ... keep breathing and above all, smile!



You are not poor if you

love something, someone,

humanity maybe, and have faith

that you will somewhere,

sometime be satisfied, though you

know not how.

excerpt from Love by Max Ehrmann

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