Today’s Photo From Ted Grussing Photography: Today ... We Continue to Travel in Time II

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... much of today was spent in the company of friends and good conversation ... a good question was posed ... "how and when did we meet?" I honestly did not know, the real important event is that we did meet and a new friendship began. Life is like that and as we live people enter our lives and leave ... celebrate the entry and continuation and savor the richness that others bring into our lives ... it lingers even after they are gone.

Whilst on the deck this evening, friends walked by and I asked them what they would like to see in the missive tonight and the request was for a bobcat photo, so here it is ... very healthy and with a magnificent coat. Below is a great blue heron taking off from a tree branch in the water Tuesday morning at Lake Pleasant. The good life ... sharing the beauty of life on planet earth.

Into the weekend for me and back Monday morning ... that is the plan. Have wonderful days and engage in life itself, not through electronic devices ... do the real deal!



Ere you lie down to sleep in the night, sit still

a while and nurse again to life your gentler self.

And though behind you lies a road of dust and heat,

and before you the fear of untried paths, in this

brief hour you are master of all highways, and the

universe nestles in your soul.

except from Ere You Lie Down To Sleep by Max Ehrmann

### The easiest way to reach Mr. Grussing is by email: In addition to sales of photographs already taken Ted does special shoots for patrons on request and also does air-to-air photography for those who want photographs of their airplanes in flight. All special photographic sessions are billed on an hourly basis. Ted also does one-on-one workshops for those interested in learning the techniques he uses. By special arrangement Ted will do one-on-one aerial photography workshops which will include actual photo sessions in the air. More about Ted Grussing …

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