Today’s Photo from Ted Grussing Photography: Water ... in all its forms

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... in every state, whether solid, liquid or vapor, water is what makes everything work ... and it also provides the makings of great adventures, whether at sea or in the air, sailing, soaring or any other sport ... and it provides the essentials for all of life.

I took the shot above of a buddy that I was flying cross country with and it was a great soaring day ... below the Pacific ocean bringing huge rollers into the shore at Pigeon Point in northern California. An amazing planet and we get to live here! Wowzer!

Top Gun Maverick was everything you could hope for ... I'll be seeing it again and it is especially terrific when you know that the star of the show is the real deal. Watch the video where he takes James Corden up and you'll see what an amazing pilot Tom Cruise is in real life.

That's it for tonight ... leaving for Lake Pleasant at 4AM and need some sleep. have a great day ... keep breathing and smile ... life is fantastic!


Maybe you have a still soul that

goes murmerless like water in the deep

of rivers;

And perchance you wander

silent amid the din of the world's

grinding barter like one

journeying in strange lands.

You, too, with the still soul,

have your mission, for beneath the

dashing, noisy waves must ever

run the silent waters that give the tide

its course.

Still Soul by Max Ehrmann

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