Today’s Photo from Ted Grussing Photography: What is out there?

... a forever asked question and there are those among us who daily are seeking answers as to what is out there, where are we, what is all this we are living in. I like reading Brian Greene, a leading theoretical physicist; click on his name to learn more about him. He writes in such a manner that I feel I understand what he is talking about ... until I put the book down, but still I have learned much from his writings and it is utterly fascinating.

I took the shot above from Snowbowl Parking lot on the west side of the San Francisco Peaks, below Agassiz Peak. It was an incredible sunset with the sun just breaking through the clouds before setting behind Kendrick Peak. The sun, our star, 94 million miles out there.

A friend from Lowell Observatory wrote me today and let me know that there has been an X-13 solar flare hours ago and there may be a Mass Solar Ejection heading our way ... Aurora? to find out what is going on with it click on the link.

Then there is the Discovery Telescope which is owned and operated by Lowell Observatory. It is the fourth largest optical telescope in the country and one of the largest in the world. Many universities and partners are also doing research ... the photo below shows a scientist getting things ready for the night schedule. I am fascinated by all of this and if you would like a good perspective of where we are, watch Carl Sagan's video, the Pale Blue Dot he was an American astronomer, planetary scientist, cosmologist, astrophysicist, astrobiologist, author, and science communicator. This video should be viewed by all of us from time to time.

Into the weekend for me ... enjoy the day, smile and keep breathing ... back Monday morning if all goes as planned.



A bird flies through the sky, and I fly with it. I am in

each pearl of moisture sparkling in the sun. I lie lazy

on the clouds. And I acknowledge my kinship with

each winged thing.

I see all as one, and nothing repels me, as this new

day climbs noiselessly out of the valley of night.

Peace lies over the world and over the world of my soul.

excerpt from On A May Morning, by Max Ehrmann

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