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... the dramatic comes first although it is out of sequence ... in the shot below, our Osprey friend is leaving his perch above the pond and has targeted the trout that will provide his nourishment for the evening. Left behind on the branch is a Turkey Vulture who is waiting for leftovers; they let others kill and provide them with their food. Like modern man they rely on others to kill and prepare their food ... not surprisingly they are also the most intelligent of the raptors.

In the shot above, the Osprey has been successful and acquired his meal to go ... headed right at me and gaining altitude as he flies to a tree down canyon a bit where he will consume his meal. Shortly after this shot the Turkey Vulture also headed down canyon, perhaps to pick up his share of the meal as bits and pieces fall to the ground.

Whether we think about it or not, life's drama plays out daily all around us ... the intricate symphony of life ... some survive and others do not and we are all co-dependent on other life forms for our own survival.

Have a beautiful day today ... keep breathing and smiling as life is a wonder we get to experience each and every day we are here!



If you have spoken something beautiful,

Or touched the dead canvas to life,

Or made the cold stone to speak---

You who know the secret heart of beauty;

If you have done one thing

That has made gentler the churlish world,

Though mankind pass you by,

And feed and clothe you grudgingly---

Though the world starve you,

And God answer not your nightly prayers,

And you grow old hungering still at heart,

And walk friendless in your way,

And lie down at last forgotten---

If all this befall you who have created beauty,

You shall still leave a bequest to the world

Greater than the institutions and rules and commerce;

And by the immutable law of human heart

The God of the universe is your debtor,

If you have made gentler the churlish world.

If You Have Made Gentler The Churlish World, by Max Ehrmann

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