Top Things to do In Sedona, AZ

Top Things to Do in Sedona

One can never run out of things to do in Sedona, one of the most beautiful and exciting places to visit in the country and some might say the world. There are just so many things to do one can spend a month in Sedona and still have more to enjoy weeks down the road. What are the top things to do in Sedona? That all depends on what you love to do. And here below are a few.

Hiking in Sedona

One of the greatest draws in Sedona is the hundreds of hiking trails available for the adventurous. There are difficult trails requiring physical fitness and no fear of heights and there are trails a grandmother could enjoy hiking with her grandkids.

On foot you get to experience the magic of the Red Rocks and the natural beauty of trails itself. The deeper you go the more beauty the land reveals and the more mesmerized one becomes with the colors of the earth, sky and mountains. Hiking is by far one of the top things to do in Sedona and every trail is a gift in itself to those who love walking through the-great-outdoors.

For those who like to climb, Sedona offers countless opportunities to get to the top of the very popular Red Rock formations like Bell Rock and others.

So, hikers, take note. Put that at the top of your things to do in Sedona list.

Sedona Tours

Sedona offers numerous types of tours ranging from personal hiking tours, through helicopter tours over the Red Rock Mountains; personal spiritual tours and jeep and hummer tours of Sedona’s backcountry.

No trip to Sedona is complete without a helicopter or jeep tour. A helicopter tour will fly you over Sedona’s hidden secrets, revealing sights that you and few others have ever seen before. It’s a tour that provides lifelong memories and the chance to capture the beauty with your phone or camera.

And of, course, the jeep tours are just as exciting. Local tour guides and drivers take you over almost impossible-to-navigate terrain to take you deep into Sedona crevices that can only be reached by a Hummer or jeep. Vortexes and other sacred Sedona locations are part of these tours.

For the cowboy and cowgirl, you can even enjoy a horseback ride for a more Wild West experience in Sedona’s natural beauty and landscape.

Definitely book yourself one of these exciting tours. Put it on your top-ten list of things to do in Sedona and collect more Sedona memories to bring home and share.

Night Sky Tours

Did you know that Sedona skies are among the clearest in Arizona and that regular tours of the cosmos are offered weekly?

A professional astronomer meets you at dusk in the desert and with the help of lasers and high-powered telescopes, you view all the major star configurations brighter than ever before and learn how to find the Zodiac sighs in the sky.

And if you love UFO’s, boy are you in the right place. Ask any UFO buff, investigator or believer. If you want an out-of-this-world experience, this is the place to be.

Book a Sedona UFO Tour. You go out into the desert with special military-grade binoculars and a guide and you get to watch them coming and going, in and out of the Red Rock formations.

Sedona Spas & Relaxation

Everybody knows that when it comes to pampering, beautiful spas, rest and relaxation, Sedona reigns at the top of the list.

What better way to start or end a day than with a relaxing massage, a beautifying facial, a healing crystal session or a fabulous Reflexology treatment.

There are just so many types of massages and treatments available provided by numerous spas and beauty establishments in Sedona. Deep healing, pampering and relaxation are what makes Sedona a global healing destination with an international reputation.

Yes, enjoying a spa treatment in Sedona is definitely another top thing to do that you will love.

Sedona Meditation & Psychics

Considered a major spiritual hub, Sedona offers a plethora of psychic services, meditation groups and spiritual tours.

Know more about who you are with the help of a psychic or card reader. Connect with your higher self. Enjoy a vortex meditation. Book a psychic tour. Join a meditation group for a day. Attend a spiritual workshop. The possibilities are endless.

Sedona Shopping

Sedona is chock-full of great, quirky, interesting and original places to browse and shop. You can buy fine art, bronzes, sculptures, paintings, crystals, knick-knacks, clothing and Sedona-themed memorabilia at any of the many shops in Uptown Sedona and West Sedona.

There is also the Tlaquepaque Arts & Shopping Village, known as the “Art & Soul of Sedona.”

Authentically fashioned after a traditional Mexican village, Tlaquepaque, meaning the “best of everything,” has been a Sedona landmark since the 1970’s.

Tasteful galleries and unique shops live in harmony with its lush natural environment where giant sycamore trees stand in testimony to the care taken in preserving the timeless beauty of the Tlaquepaque grounds.

Shopping is definitely one of the best things to do in Sedona when visiting, especially for those who love having beautiful and unique things in their lives.

Sedona Restaurants & Dining

From grabbing a hot-dog on the go to enjoying a night of fine dining and live music, Sedona has it all. You can stop in a local sandwich shop and pick up something quick and scrumptious or you can make a reservation at one of Sedona’s highly rated restaurants and enjoy a night of fine food, wine and entertainment. Definitely a must do, when visiting Sedona.

Sedona Events All Year Round

Sedona has exciting events going on throughout the year. During the summer there are the outdoor concerts. During Spring there is the Cinco De Mayo celebration and during the Winter there is the Festival of Lights and the Tree Lighting. During the Fall Sedona celebrates Halloween and local costume contests.

There is something always going on for kids and gown-ups who still think they are kids.

Every First Friday of the month there is an art walk held where visitors can do the rounds, checking out the fine art establishments in Sedona, and maybe find that special bit of art hey always wanted.

Golf & Tennis

There is always golf or tennis going on at one of the fabulous resorts Sedona boasts. Swimming and bike riding too.

Best Time to Visit Sedona

Picking the best time to visit Sedona is one heck of a task. There are just so many things to do in Sedona all the time it’s hard to say which season is the best to come visit.

Because Sedona is located so close to Phoenix, AZ people can come up for a daytrip, hang out for eight hours and get back home in time to catch the News on TV.

Come during the season you like best! If you love the Winter that is when to come. The same for the other seasons. It just depends on you and what you like. Sedona always has something to do, regardless of what time of year it is.

Why People Love Sedona

You just can’t help it. The moment you see the Red Rocks looming before you as you get closer something happens, something clicks in your body, mind and soul.

It’s not just the beauty of the Red Rock formations outlined by crystal clear blue skies. It’s this feeling of peace and belonging that wells within you the closer you get.

And when you finally arrive, you get this sense of being home. You really can’t put a finger on it. Maybe it’s a combination of being on a sacred land, the unbelievable natural beauty and the people who make up Sedona as well.

These are people who not only fell in love with Sedona but were taken by the beauty and now live here.

Sedona is a community of artists, poets, sculptors, musicians, retired corporate giants, spiritual healers, doctors, Hollywood icons, spiritual leaders. Some would even swear that a few otherworldly locals live here as well.

Locals love their Sedona. Sedona is laid back. Calm. Relaxed. Even when in traffic people sit back and enjoy checking out the beauty of the surrounding Red Rock formations rather than fuss.

It’s just so, so cool.

Everything about Sedona rocks. The views. The feeling. The shops. The natural wonders. It’s like you want to take a deep breath and exhale your stress away the moment you arrive.

Whatever it is about Sedona that makes people fall in love, it is intangible. We simply do.

That’s the best answer as the why people fall in love with Sedona. We simply do.

Come visit and enjoy.

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