Town of Camp Verde Recognizes the Value of Volunteers During National Volunteer Week April 17-23, 20

Volunteering has been part of Camp Verde from the very beginning and is alive and well in the town today. From Volunteers in Policing and the Community Library to the volunteer group, the “Old Guys” who work on special projects around town, and all those who help make Parks and Recreation events successful, our town continues to thrive due to volunteerism today. National Volunteer Week gives us the perfect opportunity to recognize and thank volunteers who lend their time, talent, and heart in so many ways to the Town of Camp Verde. With this in mind, Mayor, Dee Jenkins proclaimed April 17-23, 2022, National Volunteer Week in Camp Verde.

People volunteer for many different reasons. Some are interested in learning new job skills. Some say they want to make a positive impact in their community. Others want to keep their minds sharp and bodies active. Some feel the desire to give back to others as they were given to in the past. Sometimes people just want to get out of the house and interact with their neighbors on a regular basis. Others just want to have fun while some are convinced to try volunteering by family members who are sure they need something meaningful to do with their time. Whatever the reason, one thing is true: we couldn’t do all that we do without our volunteers.

Camp Verde Community Library – At the library, volunteers are trained to help with many skilled and technical tasks that are critical to library operations. They learn computer skills, issue library cards, check material in and out, answer questions, promote library programs, read stories to children, help with STEM time, play games with teens, and give directions at the front desk. Volunteers sanitize library materials and put them back on the shelves where they belong so we can find them again. Some help behind the scenes with the physical processing of library materials. Others manage the Book Nook, raise funds, run the Friends of the Library, and, most of all, smile and greet everyone who walks through the doors.

“Library volunteers are like beautiful flowers in the garden,” said Kathy Hellman, Library Director. “Each one special, delighting us with the unique personality that they add to the library team. They make people smile, bring patience, kindness, and a listening ear to our community members. We are grateful beyond words to each person who has chosen to volunteer at the library.”

Community members are encouraged to say, “thank you, we appreciate what you do,” to a volunteer during Volunteer Appreciation Week, April 17-23. Then ask them what they like most about volunteering or why they started volunteering in the first place. Anyone interested in becoming a member of one of the teams of volunteers in Camp Verde can check out the many opportunities to volunteer with the Town and beyond at

The Library will honor its team of volunteers with a barbecue on Saturday, April 23 at 4:00p in the Terracotta Room. Find out more about volunteering at the library at Click on “How Do I?” and Volunteer for details or give Volunteer Coordinator, Nicole Metz-Andrews a call at (928) 554-8389.

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