Training Offered for Opioid Overdose Prevention and NARCAN Education

Yavapai County Community Health Services is partnering with libraries, churches, and community centers to offer free NARCAN trainings in April and May. Yavapai residents can choose from several dates and times to take the class and get two free doses of NARCAN.

The classes provide an overview of how to recognize an opioid overdose, respond to an opioid emergency and administer lifesaving NARCAN, also known as naloxone. NARCAN is a safe, FDA approved medication that temporarily restores breathing during an overdose from fentanyl, heroin, or other opioids.

This training is ideal for those who have loved ones who use or have used opioids for pain management in the past, as well as those who have personally used or are using opioids. Residents who work in public places or businesses where overdoses may occur are also encouraged to attend.

Reservations are required for the classes and sign-ups are limited. To register, individuals should send their name, phone number and email to the contact person under each training listed below.

Yavapai County Community Health Services provides leadership, information, and services that contribute to improving the health and well-being of Yavapai County residents. Residents can optimize their health and well-being through grant funded education classes provided free of charge. For more information, follow us on Facebook @vvcommunityhealthed.

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